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After my wife started getting really into DIY projects, I realized that I wanted to help too. Instead of letting her do her own thing, I started helping her to build, paint, and decorate different household items. It seemed difficult at first, but after awhile I was able to get into the swing of things and really hone my crafting skills. Now, I actually enjoy crafting, and I frequently recommend it to my family members and other guy friends as a creative outlet. Check out this blog for more ideas about craft projects for men and women alike.

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Crafting For Fun

9 Tips To Transform Your Backyard Into A Private Tropical Resort

by Alejandro Caballero

Your tropical island vacation destination may be closer than you think. With careers, school and other life commitments, it can be difficult to just get away. Consider transforming your backyard and pool area into a private tropical resort. Follow these tips to fill your space with luxurious landscape designs, vibrant color, and unique touches that will bring paradise to your own backyard.

1. Install Decking

One of the first big projects you should consider tackling is installing decking around the perimeter of your backyard pool. Redwood decking has a tropical charm and is highly weather-resistant. If a more affordable option is desired, pressure-treated wood is the most affordable option when building a deck and can last 10 to 15 years if well cared for.

2. Build a Bar

It wouldn't be paradise without a chilled drink in hand. Consider building a tiki bar to act as a major eye-catching element in your backyard resort design. A bar with stools is the perfect place to entertain guests in-between dips in the pool.

3. Plant Flora

Add brilliant color to your backyard by planting tropical plants and shrubbery. Tropical plants generally feature large, broad leaves and vibrantly colored flowers that add to the resort-like feel. Enhance the theme by incorporating some bamboo.

4. Hang Lighting

Choose a variety of soft outdoor lighting to illuminate your tropical oasis. Hang oversized globe string lights from the bar and deck. Hang rustic lanterns from trees or poles for brighter spot lighting in darker areas of the backyard. Tiki torches are inexpensive and can be placed around the pool to create a peaceful ambiance.

5. Create Music

Music in the form of a soothing waterfall can really make a backyard feel like a vacation away from home. There are numerous do-it-yourself kits on the market that can be used to build a pond and waterfall. If you're willing to splurge, hire a professional to build a custom waterfall effect with moving water that flows into the pool.

6. Find Shade

When the sun is shining down on your private tropical resort, you'll want some shade. Pavilions provide sufficient shade on sunny days and have a unique, resort-like feel. If you don't want to create a new structure in your backyard, use what you have. Consider extending your current porch roof for a bigger and better outside living space.

7. Get Seating

Plenty of places to sit are essential if you plan on entertaining in your new backyard. There are numerous bistro sets, dining sets and conversation sets available in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials. Don't forget to add a hammock where you can take an afternoon nap and lounge chairs placed near the waterfall for a cool mist.

8. Add Fire

After a long swim in the pool, you'll want a place to get warm. Build a fire pit where you can spend a cool evening warming up, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the soft flickering lights. Add white sand around the fire pit for a beach-like feel without the actual beach. There's nothing like sticking your chilled toes in warm sand.

9. Stay Entertained

There are limitless opportunities for entertainment in your backyard. Install a television on the porch where the kids can watch movies or a music player with speakers arranged around the pool. For a visual effect, add lively koi fish to your pond or a lush garden in a corner of the backyard.

If you want the experience of a private tropical resort without leaving home, consider creating your own form of paradise in your backyard. There are numerous projects and features you can add to create a place of refuge in the privacy of your own property.