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After my wife started getting really into DIY projects, I realized that I wanted to help too. Instead of letting her do her own thing, I started helping her to build, paint, and decorate different household items. It seemed difficult at first, but after awhile I was able to get into the swing of things and really hone my crafting skills. Now, I actually enjoy crafting, and I frequently recommend it to my family members and other guy friends as a creative outlet. Check out this blog for more ideas about craft projects for men and women alike.

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Balloon Arrangement Ideas For Kids' Parties

by Alejandro Caballero

If you're looking for an inexpensive-yet-festive way to decorate your home or event venue for a child's birthday party, consider a colorful balloon arrangement. You can either make one yourself or hire a professional special event company to do it for you.

There are a few different types of balloons that you can choose from to make the arrangement, depending on your budget and the child's interests. Made from rubber, traditional Latex balloons come in a wide variety of colors and designs, and can be blown up without the help of special equipment.

Mylar balloons are coated with metallic finishes and feature shiny surfaces for the biggest "wow" factor. Mylar balloons are filled with helium from a tank, and are a good option for kids with Latex allergies. If you don't own a helium tank, you can have a party supply store inflate them for you.

This type of balloon is also very versatile, as it comes in a large assortment of colors, shapes and designs. They can also be printed with special phrases, such as "happy birthday," and even customized with a child's name and age. 

Here are some eye-catching balloon arrangement ideas for your kid's next birthday party:

1. Colorful Entranceway

A colorful, balloon-filled entranceway will make the birthday boy or girl feel like a VIP when they enter their birthday venue, as well as welcome guests to the party. You can simply tape balloons around a a front house door, an indoor arched doorway, or even a garden gate if the party is being held outdoors. 

Choose balloons colors that reflect the party theme, such as pink, purple and gold for a princess-inspired soiree, or go with shades that coordinate with a favorite sports team. 

2. Festive Table Centerpieces

Add instant color and interest to the party space with celebratory table centerpieces featuring balloons. For a beach-themed bash, fill colorful plastic buckets with sand and seashells, and tie turquoise balloons from long ribbons around the handles. You can make enough for each guest and use them as party favors.  

3. Number-Shaped Balloon Sculpture

If you know someone who is handy with wood, have him or her design a large, standing wooden number that reflects the child's new age. You can then cover the entire surface by taping balloons in any color all over it. 

Alternative wood designs include a favorite cartoon character, a first initial or sweet shape, such as a birthday cake, heart or flower. Contact a shop, like Tampa Bay Balloons, for more help.