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After my wife started getting really into DIY projects, I realized that I wanted to help too. Instead of letting her do her own thing, I started helping her to build, paint, and decorate different household items. It seemed difficult at first, but after awhile I was able to get into the swing of things and really hone my crafting skills. Now, I actually enjoy crafting, and I frequently recommend it to my family members and other guy friends as a creative outlet. Check out this blog for more ideas about craft projects for men and women alike.

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Crafting For Fun


Flat To Fabulous: Wall Painting Techniques To Add Texture And Interest To Your Home

If you're looking to add some interest to the walls of your home, you might be thinking of choosing a bold paint color or a wallpaper. However, wallpapers can be hard to remove and bold paint colors can often date your home after just a short period of wear. Instead of choosing a crazy color, why not add interest by using different painting techniques. When you add texture, you can still choose a tasteful, neutral palate but also add uniqueness at the same time.

9 Tips To Transform Your Backyard Into A Private Tropical Resort

Your tropical island vacation destination may be closer than you think. With careers, school and other life commitments, it can be difficult to just get away. Consider transforming your backyard and pool area into a private tropical resort. Follow these tips to fill your space with luxurious landscape designs, vibrant color, and unique touches that will bring paradise to your own backyard. 1. Install Decking One of the first big projects you should consider tackling is installing decking around the perimeter of your backyard pool.